Vision impairment

Vision impairment refers to a condition that prevents normal sight in one or both eyes and is something which is unable to be fullycorrected with glasses or lenses. Our Occupational Therapists are experts in helping individuals overcome their everyday challenges. Occupational Therapy provides ways to maximise an individual's existing skills and create alternative / easier ways of doing things. Our Occupational Therapists can also provide ways in which the home and workplace environment can be adapted in order to increase an individual's independence.

Associated difficulties regarding visual impairment

There are many different degrees of impairment ranging from slight vision loss to total blindness. Vison impairment can impact greatly on an individual's day to day living and present individuals with major challenges when completing activities such as:

  • Dressing
  • Washing
  • Writing
  • Brushing teeth
  • Working
  • Reading
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking/meal perpetration
  • Money management

Occupational Therapy Assessments for vision impairment

The gathering of essential information is a curtail part of the Occupational Therapy process. One way of way of completingthis is through the use of assessments. Following an assessment for vision impairment, our Occupational Therapists will develop specific and timely goals together with the individual. These gaols aim to address the issues at present and provide long term solutions to tackle the difficulties experienced.

There are a number of reasons why our Occupational Therapists conduct assessments, some of which are listed below:

  • To observe individuals complete activities of daily living (ADL's)
  • To Identify problematic areas
  • To monitor progress
  • Evaluate therapy sessions
  • To assess home and work environments
  • To ensure treatment plans are unique and correctly structured
  • To prioritise activities.

All our Occupational Therapy assessments are carried out by a fully trained therapists and can be conducted in the individuals own home or here in one of our clinics.

Suitable assessment for vision impairment include:

There are a number of benefits of receiving Occupational Therapy for individuals with vision impairment. One of the benefits includes teaching new techniques in order to complete everyday activities such as, personal care activities, dressing, money management and cleaning. Aids and adaptations to the home and work environment can also be provided by our Occupational Therapists in order increase the levels of independence in an individual with vision impairment.

Occupational Therapy Treatment for vision impairment

Improving the independence of those with vision impairment is of high importance to our Occupational Therapists. OurOccupational Therapy is a great way to increase an individual's participation in everyday activities and maximise their potential. Our Occupational Therapy treatments for those with vision impairment include:

Suitable treatment for individuals with vision impairment include:

  • Advice and education
    • Large written labels on items
    • Removal of clutter
    • Organize items
    • Education on the use of equipment
    • Create colour contrast
    • Electronic vision aids

Our Occupational Therapists have the knowledge and skills required to provide effective advice and education to those with vision impairment. All our Advice and education is evidence based and increase an individual's abilities to participate in activities of daily living.

  • Aids and adaptations
    • Braille
    • Increased lighting
    • Electronic vision aids

Aids and adaptations come in a wide variety of forms and aims at increase and individuals functional abilities. However it is extremely important to consult with your therapists before purchasing any equipment, as unsuitable equipment maybe be more damaging to the individual.

One on one treatments

Individuals with vision impairment can benefit enormously for our one to one treatment sessions. These sessions can be more personable and communication to flow freely between the therapist and the individual. This then enables our therapists to gather important information and assists with tailoring interventions more appropriately to meet the individual needs. As a result individual improve on their abilities to functional independently and lead a more successful lifestyle.

Home visits

Home visits for individuals with vision impairment may consist of an in depth analyse of the home environment. This means one of our Occupational Therapists will come as assess the home environment and offer recommendations for home improvements such as adaptations, room layout and improved access. All of which aim to improve an individual's abilities to function more independently and live life more effectively.

Our treatments are both goal focused and designed to meet the needs of each and every individual. Overall our therapist will increase the levels of independence in individuals with vision impairment and decrease the daily challenges they may face.

Conditions commonly associated with vision impairment

Vision impairment can present itself in many different forms. Our Occupational Therapists can actively assess and treat individuals with:

  • Cataracts
  • Optic nerve damage
  • Macular degeneration

Vision impairment can impact greatly on an individual's day to day life. It is therefore highly important to seek help/advice if required. Our Occupational Therapists have the knowledge and skills required to assist individuals with vision impairment reach their maximum potential.


Occupational Therapy for those with vision impairment offers new strategies, and alternative ways to complete everyday activities such as cooking, cleaning and self-care activities. Our Occupational Therapists will create an individualised treatment plan that will teach, modify or suggest practical adaptations to the home or work environment to improve safety and help an individual live more independently.

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