Seating Report

Posture is important to our level of functioning and significantly affects our ability to participate in daily activities. This may be where we sit to let our bodies relax. It is crucial that individuals who spend long periods of time in one position (wheelchair users or an individual who is nursed in bed) are well supported to achieve maximum function. Our seating reports will detail and explain the reason for seating support, the type, duration and the benefits to the individual.

What will the seating report contain?

This report will contain suggestions of the most appropriate seating equipment an individual may need to overcome a postural difficulty highlighted within the seating assessment. For individuals who have a limited ability to make small changes in movement, a dynamic seat with a range of adjustments can be tailored to their physical needs and can enhance their functionality in occupations such as, washing and dressing.

Seating supports

Other seating supports include the following:

  • Dynamicseating - Neurological chair
  • Static chairs - Harnessing
  • Hip belts - Ankle huggers
  • Toe straps - Midline vest
  • Pelvic positioners - Universal elastic strap

Further recommendations regarding the duration the seating equipment is needed and information on transfer safety will also be documented within the report.

Benefits of our seating reports

There are a number of benefits from receiving one of our seating reports, some of which have been listed below:

  • Improved posture
  • Improved safety
  • Improved independence in activities of daily living

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