Functional Report

A functional report would provide an overview of the functional assessment completed by our Occupational Therapist. The report may be used as a second opinion, or just for you own reference. The purpose of the report is decided by you and will be written by our therapists following the assessment. As a result our reports are personalised andwill reflect how the condition is affecting an individual. The functional report will contain information regarding the following:

What does a functional assessment report contain?

Our functional reports would include information regarding how an individual functions during daily activities within their environments (home and work). The functional report would providea summary of an individual's functional performance and recommendations to increase engagement in activities.

Problems identification and goal setting

Our therapists would work alongside the individual to acknowledge key obstacles to participating and enjoying activities. By identifying the main obstacles, therapy goals can be outlined to increasefunction. Only through clear goal setting can changes made be made through personalised therapy session

Benefits of a functional assessment report

There are many benefits to a functional assessment report some of which are listed below:

  • Therapy sessions are more personalised and targeted at the individual's needs
  • Difficulties are formally documented
  • Problem identification
  • Potential improvements outlined

Benefits of our functional assessment reports vary from person to person, above are some of the most common, however others have experienced more benefits.


Our Occupational Therapy functional assessment reports provide a comprehensive analysis of the difficulties an individual is experiencing an what therapy needs that individual requires in order to remain as independent as possible.

Further recommendations

A functional assessment report would also contain information regarding the further recommendations the therapist has advised uponfollowing the assessment. This information will include what type of therapy is needed (group or 1:1) the duration needed, the location and the aims of therapy.

Each of our highly experienced therapists can tailor the report to each individual needs.

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