Medico-Legal Report

The Occupational Therapists at London OT can provide comprehensive Medico-legal reports with regards to care, rehabilitation and therapy needs, specialised equipment, housing and environmental needs in relation to medical negligence and personal injury litigation. Our reports can advise on the following:

  • Previous, present and future functional ability of the claimant.
  • Impact of the condition/injury on daily occupations.
  • The amount and cost of on-going occupational therapy input.
  • Previous, present and future are needs of the claimant.
  • Any modifications needed to the claimants home.
  • Claimant's abilities to return to work.
  • Potential improvement levels of function.

Cost of Medico-Legal report cost

The costing of a Medico-Legal report varies greatly depending on the complexity of the case, the report required and the location of the client. A written quotation would be available upon request. However prior to providing a quotation London OT would require the following information:

  • Capacity of appointment
  • Services required of the expert
  • Purpose of the report
  • Issues to be addressed
  • Timescale for delivery
  • Current and future expert reports (up to date)
  • Relevant GP and hospital records
  • Witness statement
  • Relevant court orders
  • Particulars of claim and defence
  • Schedule of loss
  • Party/parties responsible for the payment of fees
  • Other background information.

Arrange an appointment

To request a Medico-Legal report please call us on 02033 937 332 o email at for an enquiry.

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