Wheelchair Assessment Report

A wheelchair assessment report is completed by one of our highly skilled and experienced therapists. The report comprises of a detailed analysis of the assessment and outlines the need for a wheelchair, the type of wheelchair and the duration it may be required for. The report will also document the impact this is predicted to have on the individuals abilities to preform day to day occupations.

Wheelchair specifications

Our Occupational Therapists will use their extensive knowledge and expertise in deciding on the most suitable wheelchair for the individual. A self-propelled wheelchair requires individuals to have good core and average upper body strength, as it requires the ability to move the wheelchair independently. Self -propelled wheelchair are considerably more expensive then propelled wheelchairs, so careful consideration will be taken when recommending a wheelchair.

Impact upon the environment

Our Occupational Therapists will also complete a home assessment in order to determine if and how the home environment can be adapted for wheelchair use. The report will detail these recommendations and provide both the prices and trusted supplier's details.

Each of our highly experienced therapists can tailor the report to each individual and their needs, offering them a special personalised treatment program.

Arrange an appointment

If you are interested in obtaining a wheelchair assessment report, or would like to know more about it, then please feel free to contact us at office@londonot.co.uk or call us on 02033 937 332.

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