Pain Management

Chronic pain can affect individuals physically and can have many negative emotional, social and psychological effects. It affects individuals in a variety of tasks such as, personal and domestic tasks, in work and in leisure, and can affect relationships. Individuals with chronic pain often report feelings of depression, frustration, worry, sadness or helpless due to the severity of the pain that they are experiencing. Pain management is a self-management approach to deal with chronic pain. It includes a number of strategies and techniques that can help individual's manage their own pain effectively and to feel more in control of it. The pain management approach should not be seen as a treatment or cure for pain. Instead it is a way for individuals to make their pain more manageable so that it interferes less with their life and improve the quality of their life.

Our Pain management programmes aim to:

  • Offer individualsmaterial and training about pain
  • Educate individuals a selection of methods, approaches and skills to manage their pain
  • Help individuals to feel more in control of their pain so that their pain does not control them

Pain management requires a multi-disciplinary team, offering a wide spectrum of approaches to reducing pain and improving the lives of individuals with long term pain problems.

Benefit of pain management

There are many benefits to receiving out Occupational Therapy pain management treatment, these are as follows:

  • Reduce the impact of pain on daily living skills
  • Increase overall mood levels
  • Improve overall pain management

Benefits vary from person to person how above or some of the most common, others do however experience other benefits from our pain management treatments.

Role of the Occupational Therapists in pain management programmes

Our Occupational Therapists help individuals with chronic pain manage their day to day activities that matter to them. These activities may include personal care, household task, work, leisure and social activities. Sessions will focus on setting personal goals and leaning pacing and activity management skills, with a strong focus on making and maintaining positive changes. The main aim of our Occupational Therapy is to promote quality of life and satisfaction in those with chronic pain.


Our Pain management programs utilise research-driven clinical expertise to improve the quality of life for those with chronic pain disorders. We employ innovative information technology, data management systems, evidence-based clinical pathways and operational processes to deliver clinical and financial value to our patients and providers.

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