Return To Work Assessment Report

Sickness is considered long term if an individual is absent for four continuous weeks or more. Research suggests that stress, anxiety, depression and cancer are amongst the conditions responsible for long term absence. When absent from employment for a number of weeks returning to work may seem daunting. Our Occupational Therapy reports can offer practical workplace adjustments to make returning to work more effective and successful for the individual. The following information will be included within the report:

Advice on workstation

A well-arranged office workstation can aid anindividual's return to work and may prevent future long term absences from occurring. Our Occupational Therapists can provide individuals or companies with advice on how to adapt or adjusts the workstation accordingly to meet the individual's needs and aid in their health and well-being.

Phased return to work

After an individual has been absent from work for a prolonged period of time, a phased return to work may be the best way to help that individual readjust to full attendance/performance in the workplace. Our Occupational Therapist can provide advice on a phased return to work and document within the report weather an individual would benefit from this and if so why.

Benefits of a return to work assessment report

There are many benefits to receiving one of our Occupational Therapy return to work assessment reports, these are as follows:

  • Create a healthier workplace
  • Provide practical and effective support
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce sickness within the workplace

Benefits are very individualised and as a result individuals may experience other benefits than the ones listed above.

Further recommendations

Our return to work assessment reports would also contain information regarding the further recommendations. This will include the type and aims of therapy, duration, location the individual may need in order for them to return to work successfully.

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