Medico-Legal Assessment

Medico-Legal is a broad term, encompassing the whole range of clinical services that support the work of solicitors, care agencies and HR professionals. Medical legal assessments assist in the management and delivery of report writing, rehabilitation and diagnostic services, ensuring personal injury claims are efficient and purposeful in instructing a party to settle a claim.

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Why choose us?
Where and how is the Medical-Legal assessment completed?
What will the Medical-Legal assessment assess?
What information will I receive following a Medical-Legal assessment?
How much does a Medico-Legal assessment cost?

Why choose us?

All of our Medico-Legal experts Occupational Therapists are members of the British Association of Occupational Therapy and the Health Care professionals Council. At London OT we ensure each case is dealt with by the most relevant and experienced Occupational Therapy expert witness. All of our therapists attend training relevant to current research and treatment techniques. Upon request, curriculum vitae of all our therapists are available. London OT can provide the following:

  • Written quotations
  • Accurate, detailed and concise reports
  • Quick and accurate referral process
  • Experience
  • A cost breakdown of any further recommendations the patient may require
  • Timely service
  • Expert Knowledge
  • Clear goal setting and treatment process
  • Clear understanding of litigation process

Where and how is the Medico-Legal assessment completed?

A Medico-Legal assessment is an assessment that can take place here in one of our clinics, in your own home or in the workplace environment. It is completed by one of our highly skilled Occupational Therapists, who upon completing the assessment will give you time to discuss any concerns you may have, regarding your case.

What will the Medico-Legal assessment assess?

Our Occupational Therapy Medico-Legal assessments offer skilled advice on the impact an injury has on occupations with the home, work or educational environments, current and future treatment plans and will provide an impartial overview of current level of function compared to the level of function prior to injury.

What information will I receive following a Medico-legal assessment?

Following one of our Medico-Legal assessments, the Occupational Therapist will discuss with the individual the outcome of the assessment and provide a Medico-Legal report. This will contain a detailed analysis of the assessment andfuture recommendations for the individual.

How much does a Medico-Legal assessment cost?

Once we have received an enquiry, a written quotation outlining the cost for an assessment and a report written will be provided. Costing of a Medico-Legal assessments vary greatly and are dependent upon the location of the client, complexity of the case and the length of the report. Our expert witnesses will however keep the best interests of the patient at heart.


In summary, the main aim of a Medico-Legal assessment is to provide medical evidence for the purpose of assisting an instructing party to settle a claim.

If you would like a Medico-Legal assessment or would like more information then please feel free to email or call 02033 937 332

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