Risk Assessment

A risk assessment is a method of looking at activities, toevaluate possible dangers whilst considering suitable control measures to decrease loss, damage or injury. The aim of the risk assessment is to clearly outline recommendations to reduce or minimise the possible risk. Our Occupational Therapists take a holistic approach and assess all aspects of risk.

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Where and how is the risk assessment completed?
What problems may be suitable for a risk assessment?
What will the risk assessment assess?
What information will I receive following a risk assessment?

Where and how is the risk assessment completed?

A riskassessment can take placein your own home,in one of our clinics, or in the workplace environment. It is completed by one of our highly skilled Occupational Therapists, who upon completing the assessment will give you time to discuss any concerns you may have, reading your own or others safety.

What problems may be suitable for a risk assessment?

An Occupational Therapist can carry out a risk assessment for the following difficulties:

  • Poor balance
  • Poor eye sight
  • Poor social skills
  • Attention difficulties
  • Poor co-ordination
  • High risk taker
  • Impulsiveness

Our risk assessments are very comprehensive and take a holistic view on risk.

Conditions suitable for a risk assessment

Conditions suitable for a risk assessment include:

We are more than happy to help if an individual does not have a diagnosed condition, but feel that they could benefit from a risk assessment.

What will the risk assessment assess?

Our Occupational Therapists will complete a risk assessment to gain a better insight into the level of risk when an individual is completing their daily occupations, this would include and outline the risk during work life, home life and the social implications.

Work and home environment

Our risk assessment considers how a condition or difficulty is impacting upon an individual within both their work and home environment. This would include an in-depth discussion and an assessment of how the symptoms being experienced are resulting in environments becoming more hazardous, and provide a rationale for this.

Following a risk assessmentwhat information will I receive?

Following one of our risk assessments, theOccupational Therapist will discuss with the individual the outcome of the assessment and if required provide a risk report. This will contain a detailed analysis of the impact the condition is having on the individual's ability, and a treatment plan with recommendations.


On completion of the risk assessment the Occupational Therapy would provide treatment in a number of ways. Firstly by giving effective risk management education and advice, and suggesting any equipment that would further reduce risks. Secondly the therapist would aim to improve an individual's underlying skills to perform skills they find difficult.


In summary, the main aim of a risk assessment is to provide effective risk management advice and education, including any necessary equipment that would reduce the risk of harm to an individual in the workplace and at home.
If you would like a risk assessment then please feel free to email office@londonot.co.uk or call 02033 937 332 with any of you questions or enquires and we will be happy to help.

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