Cognitive Assessment

Cognitive assessmentsare completed to determine an individual's level of cognitive function. A cognitive assessment will assess cognition, orientation to time and place, memory recall (long and short), visuospatial and executive functioning. The Occupational Therapist will then use the information gained from the assessment and design a treatment plan best suited to the individual's needs.

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Where and how is the cognitive assessment completed?
What problems may be suitable for a cognitive assessment?
What will the cognitive assessment assess?
What information will I receive following a cognitive assessment?

Where and how is the cognitive assessment completed?

Our cognitive assessment can take place in clinic or at home. During the assessment individuals will be asked to complete a selection of small activities and answer questions relating to recent and past events. During this time the therapist will analysis and determine if and where an individual's difficulties lie and determine the best course of treatment.

What problems may be suitable for a cognitive assessment?

An Occupational Therapy cognitive assessment would be suitable for an individual with the following difficulties:

  • Difficulties remembering things
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Wondering behaviours
  • Memory loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Detached from reality
  • Difficulties organising self
  • Loss of balance
  • Unable to recall events
  • Unable to orientate to time and / or place

Our Occupational Therapists will use the cognitive assessments to determine how these problems are impacting upon the individual's ability to complete every day activities at home or at work. If you notice yourself or a family member having difficulties with completing everyday activities due to forgetfulness or organisational difficulties,then an assessment may be needed.

Conditions suitable for cognitive assessment

An Occupational Therapist would complete a cognitive assessment for the following conditions:

A cognitive assessment can also be used on individuals without a diagnosed conditionand is an excellent way to measure an individual's cognition, accurately and precisely.

What will the cognitive assessment assess?

Our Occupational Therapists will use a cognitive assessment to gain a greater understanding and better insight into how a cognitive impairment is impacting on an individual's day to day life. This will include impacts on home life, work life and social life.

Impact on home and work environment

A cognitive assessment will not only identify any cognitive impairment but also determine how these are impacting on an individual's ability to perform both at home and at work. For example, poor cognitive functioning can result in an individual struggling to organised oneself and prepare a meal at tea time, but could also impacted on their abilities to get ready for work in the mornings. It is therefore highly recommend that if a cognitive impairment is suspected, to seek professional advice as soon as possible.

Social implications

The complex task of socially interacting with others can become extremely difficult to those with a cognitive impairment, as it requires memory, thinking and creation of imagery. Our cognitive assessments can identify impairments in these areas and determine solutions to make such interactions more enjoyable and successful.

What information will I receive following a cognitive assessment?

Following an assessment, ourOccupational Therapists will discuss with the individual the outcome of the assessment and if required, will provide a report detailing the findings. This will contain a comprehensive analysis of the impact a cognitive impairment is having on an individual's day to day living. A treatment plan can also be devised following an assessment, detailing recommendations on how to improve their daily living.


Treatment following a cognitive assessment aim to increase an individual's:

  • Memory (long and short)
  • Thinking
  • Executive functioning
  • Organisational skills
  • Thought process
  • Perception
  • Attention
  • Reasoning
  • Decision making
  • Comprehension

Our Occupational Therapy treatment can take place here in one of our clinics or in the comfort of your own home.


In summary a cognitive assessment would firstly identify any impairment with regards to cognition and ascertain the effects it is having on an individual's day to day functioning. The information gathered from this assessment will then form a basis for a treatment plan.

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