One On One Treatment

Our Occupational Therapists help people to come to terms with physical, psychological and social difficulties caused by illness, injury or disability and enable them to lead a fuller, more independent life. One to One therapy sessions are extremely beneficial and provide individuals with the privacy to discuss their concerns openly with their therapist. Through doing this, our therapists can gain a better insight into the individuals difficulties and ensure therapy goals are tailored accurately to each individuals needs and wishes.

What types of treatment are covered during One to One therapy?

Our one to one therapy sessions cover a wide range of treatment including the following:

Our Occupational Therapists can provide a range of treatments that will improve an individual's abilities to participate in the everyday activities they want and need to do.

What is involved in a One to One treatment session?

Our One to One treatment sessions will target the individual's difficulties and aim to improve upon the activities they feel are meaningful and purposeful. The coreparts of our One to One treatment are:

  • Chance to discuss concerns
  • Personalised therapy sessions
  • Proficient and good working therapeutic relationships

Who can be present throughout the therapy session?

One to One therapy sessions can be between just you and your therapists. However others are welcome such as, parents, care givers, children, friend and partners, only if you yourself give consent for them to be in the room.

Why choose One to One therapy?

One to One therapy is a great way to make physical, psychological and social improvements. Our one hour one to one treatment sessions enable individuals to address their concerns in detail and review/tailor their programme on a regular basis.


In summary our Occupational Therapy one to one sessions are a great way to make substantial improvements in both physical and psychological well-being. Then enable individuals to lead a fuller more independent lifestyle and allow individuals to take more control of their therapy.

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