Case Managers

At London OT we work many Case Management companies. We accept referrals directly from case managers and provide assessments of an individual's physical, psychological and social needs. We provide Occupational Therapy reports and interventions to meet the guidelines outlined in the rehabilitation code and can attend case conferences if needed.

Why choose us?

At London OT we have experienced experts who regularly work with case managers and provide an effective and efficient service with the following included:

  • Detailed cost breakdown
  • Flexible appointments
  • Quick response
  • Clear and easy communication methods
  • Written quotations upon request

Our Occupational Therapy experts understand what is required and are extremely flexible. They will meet the needs of each and every individual they work with.

We offer the following services:

One to One treatment

Our Occupational Therapists can provide effective one to one therapy sessions. These sessions are extremely beneficial and allow for open communication between therapists and the individual to take place. As a result our Occupational Therapists can gather the relevant information needed to ensure therapy goals are accurate and targeted the individual's needs, wants and wishes. Our one to one session can take place at home or here in one of our clinics.

Access audits

In line with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, our Occupational Therapists can assess the safety and accessibility of environments an individual regularly attends, for example, their home, their workplace or an educational environment.


Assessments are a large part of the Occupational Therapy process and play a key role in gathering important information. Our Occupational Therapist use this information carefully and analyse how an individual's illness or disability is impacting on their ability to complete their daily occupations.

Assessments we provide include:

All of our assessments are completed by a fully trained and experienced Occupational Therapist and can be carried out on a one to one basis in the individual's own home or here in one of our clinics.


Our Occupational Therapists have the expert knowledge and skills needed to provide effective treatment programme for individuals with a wide variety of conditions and illnesses. Our treatments aim to produce the outcome of improving the lives individuals with a disabling condition or illness. Treatments we provide include the following:

Our treatments have the flexibility to completed on a one to one basis in the individual own home or here in one of our clinics.

Our Occupational Therapists are highly skilled and experienced professionals and can work with individuals with a wide variety of condition and problems. Below is a summary of the most common we treat:



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London OT offer and provide a range of Occupational Therapy services for individuals with a variety of conditions.

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