A housing assessment is a thorough, holistic assessment of an individual in their home environment. All areas of daily life are examined, from washing and dressing at the start of the day to getting into the bed at the end, including access into and out of the home and the use of stairs

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Where and how is the housing assessment completed?
What problems may be suitable for a housing assessment?
What will the housing assessment assess?
What information will I receive following a housing assessment?

Where and how is a housing assessment completed?

A housing assessment is an assessment that takes place in the individuals own home. Our Occupational Therapists have thorough understanding of disabling conditions and how disability impacts on an individual's life. They understand the role a living environment has in helping or hindering everyday living. In order to complete a housing assessment, one of our Occupational Therapist will visit the individual's home to gain an understanding of how their home either helps or creates barriers to their everyday living. Following this they will observe the activities with which the individual is having difficulties with so the exact nature of the difficulty can be identified. Once this has been established the therapist may suggest alternative ways of undertaking the activity or recommended the use of products or equipment designed to overcome that specific problem, home adaptations can also be advised.

What problems may be suitable for a housing assessment?

A housing assessment would be suitable for an individual, if they have any of the following difficulties.

  • Getting washed and dressed
  • Completing household duties - cooking and cleaning etc.
  • Gardening
  • Mobilising in around the house
  • Transferring
  • Personal care and hygiene

A housing assessment will be complete in order to determine how the home environment impacts on the above activities. If you feel that you yourself or a family member is experiencing any of the above difficulties, then a housing assessment maybe suitable.

Conditions suitable for housing assessment

An Occupational Therapist would complete ahousing assessment for the following conditions:

A housing assessment is an assessment which can also be carried out with individuals without a diagnosis and with those with a condition not listed above. Our assessment will often be carried out once with a review option if needed.

What will the housing assessment assess?

Our Occupational Therapist will use a housing assessment to gain an understanding of the underlying difficulties that result in an individual being unable to complete their day to day activities in their own home. The assessment includes a detailed discussion and practical assessment and will provide reasons for why an individual is experiencing difficulties.

What information will I receive following a housing assessment?

Following a housing assessment a comprehensive report identifying the difficulties an individual is experiencing and why can be provided if required. Recommendations on home modifications and/or assistive equipment will be given followed by a detailed analyse of the assessment. This will allow individuals to make the decision on the style of treatment which will best suits them.


Our Occupational Therapy treatments following an assessment may include recommendations for:

  • Aids and adaptations
  • Installation of grab rails
  • Building of ramps
  • Installation of wet rooms
  • Extension
  • Installation of stair lifts

Our Occupational Therapy treatments can be conducted in one of our clinics or if preferred in the individuals own home.


In summary our housing assessment are used to analyse the home environment in great detail and determine how it can be improved in order to aid an individual's ability to complete the activities they want and need to do. The assessment allows therapists to gather the information needed to make adequate and accurate recommendations.

If you or a family member would like more information regarding a housing assessment then please feel free to email office@londonot.co.uk or call 02033 937 332 with any of your enquires.

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