Equipment Report

Our Occupational Therapist would carry out an equipment assessment and provide you with a detailed summary. Individuals may wish to use the report as a second opinion or just for their own reference. Our equipment report are personalised and will reflect how an individual's condition or disability isaffecting their ability to perform daily occupations. Within the report information regarding the following will be included:

How the condition is impacting upon the daily level of independent function.

This report would suggest the most appropriate adaptive equipment an individual may need to overcome any problems identified within the assessment. Some of the difficulties experienced by individuals at home are, getting dressed and using cutlery correctly. Our Occupational Therapist could advise adaptive equipment for the above difficulties i.e. sock grabber, to assist in getting dressed and the use of adaptive cutlery, to aid in cutting food.

Adaptive equipment

Other adaptive equipment includes:

  • Posture chair - Bathing seat
  • Transfer boards - Pencil grip
  • Weighted jackets - Adaptive pens
  • Adaptive scissors - Therapeutic putty
  • Computers aids - visual aids
  • Walking aids - Splints
  • Helping hand

The treatment plan aimed to improve the functional performance

In conclusion the equipment report will detail an action plan, including the logistics, theory and its application in both the home and work environment. Our Occupational Therapists will use their extensive knowledge and skillsto summarise the impact of the difficulties an individual is experiencing has on their daily occupations.

Each of our therapy reports are tailored to each individual we see and treat, the offer special personalised treatment programs and aid in increasing and individuals independence.

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